Currently I am not teaching. I was involved in various teaching activities at ETH Zürich as well as at the University of Frankfurt. This includes teaching exercise classes, organizing larger classes (making exercise sheets and solutions, as well as dealing with various organizational matters), and grading exams.

At ETH Zürich

HS 2018: Functional Analysis 1 (exercise class).
FS 2018: Linear Algebra 2 for mechanical engineers (organization).
HS 2017: Linear Algebra 1 for mechanical engineers (organization).
FS 2017: Analysis 2 (exercise class).
HS 2016: Analysis 1 (exercise class).

At the University of Frankfurt

SS 2015: Elementare Zahlentheorie (exercise class).
WS 2014/15: Maß- und Integrationstheorie (exercise class).
WS 2013/14: Analysis 1 (exercise class).