My research is mostly concerned with number theoretic problems of a probabilistic nature. To some extent, I have also worked on probabilistic questions motivated by number theory.

Publications, Preprints, Theses and Notes

(joint with Y. Lamzouri) Low pseudomoments of Euler products, submitted, 2021.

Pseudomoments of the Riemann zeta function, PhD Thesis, 2020.

Low pseudomoments of the Riemann zeta function and its powers, Int. Math. Res. Not. IMRN, 2020.

Random matrix-valued multiplicative functions and linear recurrences in Hilbert-Schmidt norms of random matrices, 2018.

Spectra of random non-Abelian real-valued G-circulant matrices, 2018.

Linear Equations in Primes – A survey, Master Thesis, 2017.